Hailing from Greenwich CT, James Kingery is an energetic and adventure seeking sports lover. His goal each and every day is to maximize the possibilities of life and living presented to him and you can’t put a net worth number on this. He does this by maintaining an outstanding professional profile and pursuing his hobbies. 

Jim Kingery, James M Kingery, cycling

Almost all of James’ interests keep him on “the move.” Whether he is water skiing or heli skiing, kite boarding or mountain biking, Jim seeks the thrill and the exercise. Jim often adds extra excitement to his sports activities, like opting to skin up a mountain instead of taking the ski-lift. 

His interests have taken him across the United States and around the world, from Colorado to Vermont, Switzerland to Portugal, and beyond. 

But Jim doesn’t restrict himself to trails and land activities. He is a licensed pilot who used to enjoy getting in the air. James grew up near the Long Island Sound, which allowed him to foster a love for boating and water sports. He has been sailing solo since he was 12 years old. He also enjoys fishing.

James Kingery has strong and deep ties to the Greenwich community. His business has donated to food banks and served meals to those in need. James and his wife are committed to educational organizations that empower young people to learn and grow.

Even with his love for Connecticut, Jim does see himself moving to West Coast eventually. He wants to live in the mountains and be able to keep up all his hobbies there in a more low-key environment as more connected to nature.

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