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About James Kingery

James M Kingery was born in Greenwich Connecticut in 1965. He and his five siblings had a wonderful childhood. James’s mother was a competitive barrel racer and his father liked to rope calves. She passed her love of horses on to her children and the family was quite equestrian.

He attended St. Lawrence University and got a degree in economics. Before going into the family business, James worked on Wall Street.

He is the President of Rye 1957 Inc and the Managing Member of Washington Park Plaza Associates.

He has always been a sportsman, playing soccer for his high school soccer team.

As an adult, James Kingery has maintained his interest in sports and leisure, taking up activities like water skiing, heli-skiing, mountain and road biking, and kite boarding. He likes to live life to the fullest, something you can't put a net worth or price tage on.